Weissenstein-Schwinget: The wreath winners from northwestern Switzerland

Strong north-west Swiss: Döbeli just missed the festive victory and a surprising wreath winner

The Northwestern Swiss wrestlers were allowed to take four wreaths home from their home mountain festival on the Weissenstein. The three Aargau confederates fulfilled their duty. And there was also a surprising contribution from the Basel area.

The wreath winners from northwestern Switzerland on the Weissenstein (from left): Andreas Döbeli, Roger Erb, Joel Strebel and Patrick Räbmatter.

Claudio De Capitani / freshfocus

Little would have been missing, and Andreas Döbeli would have ended a nearly seven-year lean period for the Northwestern Swiss Wrestling Association (NWSV). The Freiämter was in the final course of the Weissenstein Schwinget. With a win he would have been the first Bergfest winner of the NWSV since Mario Thürig triumphed on Schwägalp in August 2014. Incidentally, in the same year Christoph Bieri shared the festive victory on the Weissenstein with Kilian Wenger and Matthias Sempach.

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