Weekly weather forecast: INTENSE thunderstorms await us

This morning, mist or locally fog will first be present in lower Belgium while a new rain-storm area will approach the country from the south. This will shift north over the hours. In places, it is necessary to expect abundant precipitation in a short time, hail and strong gales. In the afternoon, we will find dry weather and sunnier in the south. The maxima will be between 19 degrees at sea and 25 degrees in Campine. The weak wind of variable direction or of south-easterly sector will become sometimes moderate and will orient to the south-west over the east of the country and to the north-west over the west of the territory.

During the next night new stormy showers, locally intense, could reach us from France. However, these should not affect all regions. The weather will also become foggy but fog and low clouds will also be possible. The minima will vary from 12 degrees in Hautes-Fagnes to 16 or 17 degrees in the big cities, in a weak and rather variable wind.

Tomorrow, we expect another unstable day with the development of showers with a risk of thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon and especially over the southern half of the country. The maximum will oscillate between 18 and 24 degrees, under a moderate wind from south to southwest. At sea, it will blow north-northwest.

Wednesday, the weather will again be variable with showers which may be accompanied by thunderstorms. The maxima will be close to 16 to 22 degrees. The wind will be light to moderate in the southwest interior, veering to the west / northwest late in the day. On the coast, it will be moderate to quite strong from the northwest.

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Thursday, the weather should be a little less hectic than the previous days. Cloudy fields would be numerous with a few scattered showers but also some clearings. In the course of the afternoon, the clearings will widen from the coast. The maxima will be close to 18 to 20 degrees in the center.

Friday, the day would start under calm weather with broad clearings but also a few banks of fog or fields of low clouds in places. During the course of the day, the sky would become partly to at times very cloudy with a risk of a few localized light showers. The weather could remain dry in most areas. The mercury would rise towards values ​​close to 21 degrees in the center.

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