Weekends won’t be boring. Ulyanovsk residents are invited to concerts and master classes

On January 15 and 16, educational quizzes, discos, creative programs will be held in the palaces of culture and libraries of Ulyanovsk, as well as drawing studios. This is reported in the department of culture and organization of leisure of the population.

On January 15 at 12:00 at the Sovremennik KKK (Lunacharskogo Street, 2A), a quiz on Russian animated films “Multransformation” will begin. At the same time, in the House of Culture “Builder” (Efremov Street, 5), the creative laboratory “We are inventors” will begin its work. Also on Saturday, the Kindyakovka House of Culture (Gaya Avenue, 15) will hold an open-air entertainment program called “Merry Snowdrift” for residents of the city. The start is at 16:00.

January 15 from 12:00 in the model Central City Library named after I.A. Goncharova (Kirova Street, 40) will open the drawing studio “Birds of Snowy Winter”, and in the children’s library No. 29 (Kuzovatovskaya Street, 48) at noon, the educational and game program “Winter Fun in Russia” will be held. At 13:00 model library No. 17 (Verkhnepolevaya street, 13) invites Ulyanovsk residents to the “Snowflakes” master class. At the same time, model library No. 18 (Korunkova Street, 25) will hold a literary hour “Visiting Winnie the Pooh and his friends”

In addition, on Saturday at 13:00, the children’s library No. 24 (Karl Marx Street, 33/2) organizes a quiz on the topic “Reserves of the Ulyanovsk Region”, and at 14:00 in the library No. 5 (Street of the 40th anniversary of the Victory, 28) the educational hour “Christmas Traditions in Russia” will be held.

On January 16, Kindyakovka House of Culture at 12:00 pm will welcome guests with the literary and musical program Calling for the Beautiful. At 15:00, everyone will be able to take part in the theatrical program “Moliere the Man of the Theatre”, which will be held at the Stroitel House of Culture. At the same time, KKK “Sovremennik” invites you to thematic dances “Sunday evening in retro style”.

On Sunday, library No. 17 at 13:00 will host a movie show for little residents of the city “From carols to Christmas time”, and a master class “Merry Snowman” will be held in the children’s library No. 30 (Otradnaya Street, 8A). At 14:00 library No. 7 named after. A.F. Treshnikova (Stankostroiteley Street, 20) will hold a quiz “Winter Tales”, and library No. 15 (Prospect Hero of Russia Averyanov, 7) at the same time invites you to a literary conversation “City of Blagov”. At 15:00 in the library No. 6 named after D.A. Granin (Gaya Avenue, 45/1), the educational program “Christmas have come – carols have begun” will begin.

Photo: press service of the administration of Ulyanovsk

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