Weddings, concerts, cruises… Deconfinement begins its last stage this Wednesday

The end of the tunnel. After months of restrictions, deconfinement begins its last stage, this Wednesday, with in particular the lifting of gauges in almost all places open to the public, except for the Landes department.

This Wednesday, June 30 marks the last stage of a deconfinement in several phases, which began on May 19. End of gauges in restaurants, bars, shops and sports halls, resumption of cruises, return of concerts and festivals … 20 Minutes takes stock of all the changes that come into effect on Wednesday.

End of gauges in bars and restaurants

Inside, as outside, there are no more gauges in bars, cafes and restaurants, which can now accommodate 100% of their customers. If the tables of six were a puzzle for you and your friends, this Wednesday also marks the return of the large tables, without limitation of diners. On the other hand, serving and drinking while standing at the bar remains prohibited and wearing a mask is still compulsory to move inside and on the terrace.

End of gauges in shops

Good news for small stores. From this Wednesday, traders, but also shopping centers, no longer have the obligation to respect the limit of 4m² per customer and can accommodate at 100% of their capacity. Be careful, wearing a mask remains compulsory in open markets (and closed of course) and in queues, indoors and outdoors.

End of gauges for culture and leisure

From this Wednesday, the gauges are removed in cultural places. Theaters, performance halls, museums, monuments, exhibitions, cinemas, libraries, media libraries, circuses, casinos, bowling alleys, game rooms, zoos, theme parks, fairgrounds, trade fairs, exhibition fairs and thalassotherapy centers can now accommodate 100% of their clientele. Please note, over 1,000 people, the health pass is mandatory.

Resumption of concerts and festivals

Outdoor concerts can once again accommodate all visitors. On the other hand, for indoor concerts, a gauge of 75% remains in place. Outdoor standing festivals will also resume, but the organizers must respect a gauge of 4m² per festival-goer. For seated festivals, the prefects set the gauges for each event. As for cultural places, the health pass is compulsory for events of more than 1,000 people, where the mask is compulsory. Below, the mask is not compulsory, but it is still recommended.

Resumption of outdoor sports competitions

For amateur practitioners, outdoor sports competitions can resume, up to a limit of 2,500 people, with a tonnage of 4m² per spectator. As with cultural events and festivals, the health pass will be compulsory for gatherings of more than 1,000 people.

End of gauges for sports halls

From this Wednesday, the gauges in stadiums, racetracks, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, arenas, sports halls, and dance schools are lifted. These establishments can now accommodate 100% of their practitioners and spectators. Once again, the use of the health pass will be compulsory for places hosting more than 1,000 people.

End of gauges in company canteens

After leisure and sports, it’s time to get to work. From this Wednesday, there are no more gauges in company canteens, but employees must eat seated. Canteens must still maintain wide opening hours to avoid too great a concentration of employees. Regarding “business jars”, the sanitary protocol recommends that they be held outside and that they do not exceed 25 people, while keeping wide opening hours to avoid too great a concentration of employees.

End of gauges for weddings and funerals

News that should reassure the bride and groom. The gauges for weddings and the rule of one in two seats in places of worship and town halls have been lifted. Weddings can be held outdoors and indoors without restriction, with the return of cocktails, buffets and dance floors. The gauges are also removed for funeral ceremonies.

Resumption of cruises

Suspended for several months, cruises can resume, from this Wednesday, without gauges, but with a health pass if it accommodates more than 1,000 people. On board, the mask remains compulsory in indoor public spaces.

End of gauges in the mountains

For nature and mountain enthusiasts, the gauges are lifted in cable cars, cable cars, mountain chairlifts and small tourist trains.

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