Weather – Offenbach am Main – Rainy weather in Northern Hesse: Chance of sun in the south – Panorama


Offenbach (dpa / lhe) – Showers, thunderstorms and cooler sea air: At the start of the week, showers and thunderstorms spread, as a meteorologist from the German Weather Service (DWD) said early Monday morning. In addition, it was “unusually windy”, especially in northern Hesse, with sometimes stormy gusts. In southern Hesse, on the other hand, there are sometimes longer dry periods and the sun comes out every now and then. The temperatures range from 18 to 22 degrees according to the DWD.

Tuesday would be a little friendlier, said the meteorologist. A lot of sunshine can be expected in the south. In northern Hesse it was cloudy, but also dry. In the night to Wednesday the rain is coming up again. On Wednesday and Thursday, according to DWD, the northern half is heavily cloudy, cloudy and rainy. It also remains windy. South of the Main, the chances of sun and warmer temperatures of up to 25 degrees are greater.


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