Weather forecast: when will the rain stop? Here is the answer of our meteorologist David Dehenauw (video)

How can we explain this capricious weather and especially these very heavy rains in record time? Besides, will it last? Our meteorologist, David Dehenauw, also head of work at the Royal Meteorological Institute, explains where this rain is coming from and how long it will last.

Our country has been abundantly watered for several days now. With precipitation peaks last night. “It fell on these regions between 20 and locally 80 liters of water per m², said our presenter, Sabrina Jacobs. To have a point of reference, know that 70 liters per m² is the equivalent of precipitation for the whole month “.

This gloomy weather is caused by successive low pressure areas over Belgium. The latest, the capital D on the map below, is currently flowing to Germany.

The conductor of this grayish ritornello is the jet stream, also known as the jet stream. “The jet stream is a current that directs the weather a little over the Atlantic and over Europe. If it is in the south of Belgium, we experience cool and unstable weather with showers, if it is is located in the north of Belgium, we experience drier and sunny weather “, explained David Dehenauw, our meteorologist, head of work at the Royal Meteorological Institute.

Bad news, there is no indication that the situation will change quickly. From Sunday, further locally thundery showers are expected. “Maybe later, during the week, a little less showers, but the temperature will still be between 20 and 23, maybe locally 24 degrees, these are seasonal norms but we will not experience a heat wave. the first 15 days of July, that’s for sure “, David Dehenauw continued.

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The sweet heat of summer will wait. With highs of 15 to 16 degrees today, we are 5 degrees below seasonal norms.

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