Weather forecast Easter and Easter Monday 2021: bad weather. But first heat wave

Rome, 30 March 2021 – Practically summery weather in many regions of Italy, with temperatures that will skyrocket in the coming days. The forecast are well traced: unseasonal heat throughout Italy until Friday, with the peaks that will be reached at Bolzano with 27-28 degrees e Florence e Bologna with 26 (10 degrees above average). So it’s time for short sleeves. But in Easter weekendInstead, temperatures are destined to drop by 8 degrees and unfortunately rains and thunderstorms will return.

The wave from Africa explains that to cause this short heat wave will be the presence ofAfrican anticyclone. “The values ​​that will be reached – they note – will be typical of the month of May and certainly not of late March or early April”. In particular, the maximum thermal values ​​will reach peaks of 23-25 ​​degrees on many cities in the Center North, such as Torino, Milano, Mantua, Padova. Lower values ​​instead in the South where it will hardly rise above 20 degrees.

Easter weekend

“This anomalous situation – the meteorologists observe – is destined to end just for the Easter weekend when an Atlantic disturbance will reach the Center North causing not only the return of rains and thunderstorms, but also a general drop in temperatures “.

Liguria, second homes and boats also forbidden to residents

The 3bmeteo map

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The Po dry

Rains which, it must be said, will be extremely useful. In fact, with the great unseasonal heat the Po is already dry with the same hydrometric level of last summer, just at a time (early spring) when crops need water to grow. There Coldiretti raises the alarm: farmers are forced to carry out emergency irrigation throughout Northern Italy from Piedmont to Emilia Romagna, from Veneto to Lombardy. At the Ponte della Becca nel Pavese the hydrometric level of the Po river is -2.66 meters, practically the same recorded at the beginning of August in 2020 – underlines Coldiretti – with the flow rate of the Great River, which dropped for the first time this year below the threshold of one thousand cubic meters per second, with a -24% compared to the average for the period. Water situation of deep red also for the rivers of Emilia Romagna, all well below the monthly average, from Enza, to Secchia, from Reno to Trebbia explains Coldiretti on Anbi data. Water scarcity also affects the Lake Como which is only 20 centimeters away before reaching the all-time low with a filling of just 8.8% against an average of 63.8%.

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Emergency irrigation

In Emilia Romagna emergency irrigations have started from Parma on the sown fields a Ferrara in strawberry plants and nurseries, from Modena on tomato and melon seedlings a Ravenna on vegetables and greens, kiwis and vineyards up to Piacenza on onions, corn and wheat. In Veneto the use of emergency water has been triggered for the fields already sown with barley and wheat and even for the meadows in particular on the Pedemontana and Alta Trevigiana but also the Lower area Paduan along the Adige, in the area of ​​Barbona, Vescovana, Granze and Stanghella. Irrigation also in the area of Alessandria and Cuneo in Piedmont.

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