Weapons seized by the FBI from Jake Paul



The YouTuber’s home was raided as part of an investigation into a May protest at a supermarket in Arizona.

On May 30, 2020, Jake Paul participated in a rally that ended with looting at a shopping mall in Scottsdale, Arizona. Arrested a few days later and accused of participating in a riot, the 23-year-old YouTuber with 20 million subscribers finally saw the charges against him dropped by the state prosecutor.

If the case is closed for him in Arizona, it is not the case at the federal level. An investigation is currently underway. And it was in this context that the FBI and elite police units raided Paul’s house in Calabasas, Los Angeles County, on August 5, 2020. The YouTuber was not present. A representative of the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a statement that no arrests were planned. Other searches were carried out in Nevada as well as in Arizona.

Several American media, images in support, indicated that guns had been seized in the villa of Jake Paul. It is not yet clear why they were confiscated. In California, you do not need a license to own firearms.

Two weeks before the agents arrived at his home, the YouTuber specializing in hoaxes had been strongly criticized for having organized a big party on his property. Several dozen people who did not wear masks and did not respect social distance had gathered in the house. His attitude had been described as irresponsible by Alicia Weintraub, the mayor of Calabasas.


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