“We will stick to it even if there is still a whole series of answers to be provided”

In mid-May, we exclusively revealed the decision taken by the government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation concerning the reform of school rhythms from the 2022-2023 school year. A decision that impacts not only the lives of students but also those of parents.

Recently, the Minister of Education Caroline Désir mentioned a possible postponement of this calendar to allow coordination with other communities. Despite everything, the will is to launch the project from next year. “We’re going to stick to the schedule. It is important that we move forward on this site at the pace decided by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, ”she explained this Wednesday morning on Bel-RTL.

The Minister nevertheless reiterated her openness to discussion with the other communities. “We are concerned about the fate of families who would have children in both school systems. If Flanders and the German-speaking community decided to open this file and follow suit, and the common timetable was the subject of a point of discussion, we could negotiate, ”she added.

But there is no doubt that the new school rhythms will be a reality. “There is still a whole series of answers to be provided, in all a series of sectors. But we are working on all of this. The first step was to define a timetable, then we will answer all these questions. “

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