“We will be there, and we will not let you go”


French President Emmanuel Macron arrived this Thursday, August 6 in the morning in Beirut. Two days after the double explosion that ravaged the port of the Lebanese capital and the entire city, he is the first foreign head of state to make the trip.

“Macron today at the bedside of a broken country”, headline this Thursday morning Orient-Le Jour. “Mr. Macron wants ‘deny that Lebanon’, also affected by a political and economic crisis, ‘is alone, sunk, close to disappearing’, argues the Élysée. “For the president, it is a question of saying that France is there – this is his role – and that he believes in Lebanon”, continues the French-speaking daily in Beirut.

On his arrival at the end of the morning, this Thursday, August 6, Macron was greeted at the airport by his Lebanese counterpart, Michel Aoun, with whom he went to the honor lounge for a brief exchange. “The French Head of State will then go directly to the port, site of the explosions”, specifies the daily on its site. And, a few minutes after his arrival, President Macron wrote on Twitter, in Arabic and French: “Lebanon is not alone.”

In front of the journalists who were waiting for him when he left the honor lounge at the airport, Emmanuel Macron launched to the Lebanese:

We are going to organize things so that help can arrive on the ground. The most important thing is this fraternal solidarity with the Lebanese people. We will be there, and we will not let go. ”

French President to meet Prime Minister and hold talks with the entire political class “For a dialogue of truth. There is a political, moral, economic and financial crisis, the first victim of which is the Lebanese people. This is the occasion for a frank dialogue. We cannot do without this dialogue of truth. I also wanted to meet civil society, intellectuals, […] in order to have another voice and another look at contemporary Lebanon and its crisis. This is another dialogue that we must have and that I want to lead today ”, he indicated.

France dispatched, the day after the explosions, teams of first-aid workers and equipment to deal with the emergency.


For a long time the French-speaking daily in Beirut, born in 1970 from a merger between Orient and The day, was the perfect illustration of French-speaking and Christian “Papa’s Lebanon” that the civil war was going to make a mockery of. departure


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