We teach you how to reset the electrical power button shutdown function in Android 12

Any person who has applied Android for yrs understands that when you push and maintain the electrical power button, the program displays the shutdown menu. In this perception, it was plenty of to carry out this action to transform off or restart the gadget. Nonetheless, with the arrival of the new model of the operating system, leaving it pressed activates the Google Assistant. In that perception, we want to introduce you to the way to restore the shutdown function in the energy button of Android 12.

To attain this, we will occupy the native solutions of the system that make it possible for us to configure the actions of the gestures and the button.

Methods to reset the shutdown perform in the electric power button of Android 12

There is no question that the Google Assistant is gaining floor in person choices and makes use of. In this perception, Google has appeared for a way to make it much more available to anyone and therefore has transformed the action of the electricity button. In this perception, if you have current your gear and you want to convert it off by leaving the button pressed, what will occur will be the execution of the wizard.

Nevertheless, it is one thing we can deal with by reconfiguring the button to reset the shutdown perform in Android 12. The very good news is that, as outlined previously mentioned, there are native solutions to get it and you don’t require to set up just about anything.

The methods to achieve this are:

  • Go to Android 12 configurations.
  • Locate the Technique section.
  • Enter the Gestures option.
  • Scroll down until you discover “Push and maintain the power button”.
  • Disable the “Push and maintain to activate the wizard” command.
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In this way it is attainable to recuperate the electricity off purpose of the electrical power button in Android 12 so as to preserve the very same dynamics we have been utilised to. When the Google Assistant is extremely practical, the customization will make it sense uncomfortable to activate it from the electric power button.

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