“We should reach the threshold of 75 admissions per day by early June”

Encouraging news has followed one another in recent days about the Covid-19 epidemic in Belgium with an occupation of intensive care beds fallen below the 500 mark this week (491 to be precise) and curves which continue their descent. “This is one of the important criteria planned so as to allow flexibility, in parallel with vaccination coverage. Hospitals will be able to slowly resume their normal activity”, said the spokesperson for the Interfederal Crisis Center, Yves Laethem.

According to the latest data available, 2049 new coronavirus infections have been detected on average each day, ebetween May 18 and 24 (-3% par report to the previous week). The Covid-19 unfortunately still caused the death of 17 people per day over the same period.

The decrease is evident in all age categories except among adolescents (+ 14%) who therefore total 20% of the total of new infections. This development does not occur in the same way in the various provinces of the country since the two Brabants (+ 6%) and West Flanders (+ 3%) are still experiencing a slight increase in contamination.

The number of new hospitalizations decreased further during the period from May 21 to 27 compared to the previous 7-day period, in all provinces, with an average of 101 hospitalizations on average each day (-19% compared to the week previous).

In total, 1,366 patients are hospitalized (-17%), including 491 in intensive care units (-13%). “The decrease is such”, argued Yves Van Laethem, “that this halves every 23 days, which should lead to the average of 75 hospitalizations per day in early June.”

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As a reminder, this threshold of 75 admissions per day is one of the criteria that was initially set in January by the group of experts to consider deconfinement … at the end of the second wave. But in the end it had never been reached since then. If the trend continues, it should therefore be done during the month of June.

In absolute numbers, if the trend continues, occupied Covid beds in intensive care are expected to drop below 400 on June 7.

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Hospitalizations essentially decrease in the over 60s while they are stable in the youngest. People aged between 40 and 60 represent the largest share of hospitalizations (43%). Those over 80 are hardly represented as long as they have been vaccinated.

According to the data recorded in Vaccinnet +, as of May 26, 2021, the complete vaccination coverage is 20% for the Belgian population aged 18 and over and 48% for the population aged 65 and over.

The English variant remains the dominant form of the strains which have infected the population in Belgium (89%), followed at a distance by the Brazilian variant (6%). The South African and Indian variants are each responsible for just under 1% of new infections. The Indian variant is more present but remains at a very low level.

Deaths are also on the decline with 17 deaths on average per day. They are mainly concentrated on the 45 – 54 age group while they decrease in older people (in connection with the vaccination of these age categories).

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