“We paid for the surgeries, the education”

Eight years ago, a page on Facebook called Humans of Bombay made its digital debut. The blog, with healthy and moving true stories, was the voice of Mumbaikars they didn’t know they needed. The popularity of all of Humans of Bombay’s digital platforms remains undisputed, but it’s the stories that set it apart. Founded by Karishma Mehta, the page covers a set of stories that best mimic the spirit of the maximum city. In the process of capturing the quirkiness of the city, the blog explored the phenomenal stories of the people of Mumbai, formerly Bombay. The messages hit the mark, with several going viral. After eight years collecting chronicles from all over Mumbai, Mehta is now opening up on her own journey. A range of human emotions – stories of love, healing, humble roots, strength, courage, nuances of jugaad – all covered under one umbrella. Mehta, who firmly believes that the key to India’s soul is her people, shares that listening to their stories has changed her in ways that nothing else has.

“I was 21 when I founded Humans of Bombay and over those 8 years I took what appears to be multiple MBA courses simultaneously. But through the myriad of business, finance and all the schbang, the one invaluable skill we’ve honed is the art of storytelling, ”Mehta said in an interview, excerpts from which are posted on her story. own page.

It all started when Mehta stumbled upon photographer Brandon Stanton’s hugely popular Humans of New York Facebook page. This made sense to Mehta, who couldn’t find any similar photo blog posts in Mumbai. Thus Humans of Bombay’s creation. The blog started on Facebook, but has now moved to its own home, humanofbombay.in.

In addition to telling stories, Humans of Bombay raises funds through crowdfunding links. Mehta recalls how sharing the story of one Ali Bhai led the page to increase Rs 23 lakh overnight. After readers were asked to contribute for his 23 years of suffering in prison, the response was overwhelming.

A few days ago the book ‘Ordinary People Extraordinary Stories’ written by Mehta was launched by Dia Mirza.

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