We join the International Day of Education

Education in Bogotá joins the International Day of Education on January 24

In this third edition of the International Day of Education the central theme is ‘Recover and revitalize education for the covid-19 generation’

Three years after the Unesco General Assembly declared January 24 as International Education Day, with the aim of recognizing the role it plays in peace and as a pillar of human well-being and sustainable development, we are faced with Substantial changes and colossal challenges in this area that, although they were seen coming and were on the pending list to be fulfilled step by step, now they have to be crystallized almost immediately.

Against this background, UNESCO says that: “Without quality, inclusive and equitable education for all and lifelong learning opportunities, countries will not be able to achieve gender equality or break the cycle of poverty. that leaves millions of children, youth and adults behind ”.

Education is not only a fundamental human right, but it is constituted as the main renewable resource of humanity. In this context, the District Secretary of Education recognizes the quality of education as one of the constitutive elements of this right. It is with a quality education that the integral development of our students is achieved and with which societies move towards a more equitable world.

Undoubtedly, the health emergency generated by covid-19 leaves us with multiple challenges in the educational field, but at the same time many learnings. It is worth highlighting the commitment of teachers and families in seeking the continuity of educational processes, despite current conditions, making great efforts so that all of them achieve the expected learning.

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This 2021 challenges us to a gradual, progressive and safe reopening, in which school flexibility will be the protagonist and will demand a commitment from all actors in the educational community to guarantee the right to education of girls, boys and adolescents.

Let’s celebrate this day with the awareness of the learnings that the year 2020 left us and optimism in the face of the challenges that 2021 imposes on us.

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