“We have the team and motivation to face the 11 finals with all the options”


Although the COVID-19 pandemic is still going on, as the days go by some light begins to be seen. Today begins the escalation decreed by the state that allows everyone to play sports and that from next week will also allow professional athletes to start training individually at the club facilities. All in all, added to the messages and will of LaLliga makes it closer to the resumption of competition. That is behind closed doors. In any case, the Girona players are aware that, unlike France or the Netherlands, the season will end here and they want to do it in the best way. Plus, they’re really looking forward to it. This was made clear yesterday by Gerar Gumbau in a meeting with Instagram fans organized by the club. “The stop was good for us to see that there are 11 finals left. We have the team and the motivation to, if we play again, do it with all the options to achieve the goal “, said the midfielder.

In this sense, Gumbau admitted that the team delayed the change of chip from First to Second A. “It is always difficult to recover from a blow like last year’s relegation. We made the chip change late and until then we couldn’t play our game and get everyone to give their best “, he said. However, for Gumbau, the break came when the team “was in a good moment of games without losing and was much more consistent.”

Gumbau explained during the talk that these last days of confinement are becoming “heavier”. “I’m doing well enough. I follow a fixed routine, exercise and good nutrition and also with my girlfriend we are very distracted “, he reveals.

Campllong detailed that the staff does a couple of group sessions a week to stay in touch and not lose the relationship. “That’s how the feeling stays. We do a spinning session and a hit or core session to keep fit and see our faces, because otherwise we will forget who we are. The truth is that they fuck us a lot, ”he says. In addition, seeing his teammates makes Gumbau clear that “the team is super committed, takes great care and is very eager to do again what we like more than playing.”

Apart from the current situation in the first team, Gumbau also reviewed his career and confessed that in the cadet stage he was about to fold. “He was short and thin and played very little. I was about to fold. Thanks to my dad who insisted I play, I didn’t. In the end I was persevering and being able to get there “, he describes. In this sense, he also remembers that in the training stage, once he arrived from Cassà to Girona, “there was the added pressure to always do well because if not, at the end of the year, maybe they didn’t count on you” .

Gumbau had time to tell a couple of anecdotes from when he was in Barça’s first team. “The day of my debut was one evening in Elche. We arrived at noon and had one of the worst afternoons of my life. I was very nervous, all alone in the room. The Girona native also revealed that one day he was late for a training session with the first team “because the alarm clock didn’t ring” and when the session arrived he was already there. “I remember Neymar, Alves and the whole dressing room applauding me


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