We compared Mr D and Pick n Pay’s PnP groceries prices ASAP! – unexpected results

An analysis by MyBroadband shows that grocery shopping is cheaper through the Pick n Pay store on the Mr D app than through the retailer’s grocery delivery app, Pick n Pay asap!.

While two of the 15 grocery items compared differed in price, one of the items was nearly 40% cheaper when purchased through Mr D’s PnP grocery section.

Overall, a basket of 15 groceries costs R33.11 (4%) less than Pick n Pay’s ASAP when ordering through the Mr D app! platform.

Mr D and Pick n Pay announce that they have Start testing grocery delivery Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

The partnership is only rolling out in select regions in a pilot phase, with plans to expand to 300 stores nationwide by December 2022. We visited a Fourways store in Johannesburg.

The companies explained that grocery delivery will be rolled out to all Mr D service areas and some new service areas.

Mr D CEO Alexander Wörz said the dedicated grocery shopping experience will mimic that of in-store products and pricing, adding that the platform is designed to deliver within an hour.

“It really improves convenience for customers,” says Wörz.

The integration also allows shoppers to earn Smart Shopper points and eBucks with their orders.

“Customers place an order on the Mr D app, Pick n Pay does the picking in its store, and Mr D’s delivery partner collects and delivers the order to the customer,” says Wörz.

Mr D and Pick n Pay explained that the new offer stemmed from a business services agreement signed between Takealot Group and the grocery retailer earlier this year.

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“We are very excited about this launch, which is an important part of our Ekuseni strategic plan,” said Pieter Boone, CEO of Pick n Pay.

“Working with Takealot Group, we have developed a highly scalable product that will give more customers the opportunity to buy Pick n Pay groceries online.”

Choose n to pay as soon as possible!PnP groceries on Mr D

Of our list of 15 everyday groceries, 13 are priced the same on both platforms. However, the prices of the two products are different, Mr D one is cheaper, PnP as soon as possible! for another.

The most significant price difference is PnP free-range chicken breast fillets, which retailers specify between 500 grams and 800 grams.

PnP asap! A pack of chicken breast costs R94.39 while Mr D costs R58.10 – a difference of R36.29 or 38%.

It’s worth noting that both platforms list the price per kilo, Mr. D charges R72.62 per kilo, and PnP ASAP! Charges R117.99 per kg.

Prices also vary for a 200g pack of Eskort streaky bacon, just plug and play asap! Charged R44.81 compared to Mr D’s price of R47.99.

Both platforms charge the same R35 for shipping, but oddly, Pick n Pay ASAP! The app provides drivers with more limited tips options.

Choose n to pay as soon as possible! Only R0, R20, R40, R80 tip options are provided. Mr. D allows R5, R10, R30, R35, R50 tips by default, and also provides the option of customizing the amount.

Overall, a grocery list with 15 commonly used products cost R761.37 (including delivery) when purchased through Pick n Pay asap!, compared to R728.26 on Mr D’s PnP grocery platform.

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The table below provides a breakdown of the price comparison.

Plug and Play ASAP! with PnP on Mr D
thing Plug and Play ASAP!price Plug and Play for Mr D prices
Albany Premium White Sliced ​​Bread (700g) R19.29 R19.29
Clover Whole Milk (2L) R36.99 R36.99
Plug and Play Giant Eggs (6) R21.99 R21.99
Flora Regular 50% Fat Spread (1kg) R64.99 R64.99
Parmalat Cheddar (400g) R79.99 R79.99
Coca-Cola (2L) R23.99 R23.99
Plug and play 2 ply toilet paper 9 pcs R55.99 R55.99
PnP Free-Range Chicken Breast Fillets (500g-800g) R94.39 R58.10
B-Well Canola Oil (750ml) R45.99 R45.99
Koo Baked Beans with Tomato Sauce (410g) R14.99 R14.99
Doritos Sweet Chili Flakes (145g) R20.99 R20.99
Escort streaky bacon (200g) R44.81 R47.99
Nestle Smart Beans (150g) R38.99 R38.99
Plug and Play Beef (150g) R77.99 R77.99
Castle Lite 6-Pack (330ml NRB) R84.99 R84.99
Delivery charges R35.00 R35.00
all R761.37 R728.26

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