We are not worried about the photos like the PP

Buxadé criticizes that the Government considers reforming the crime of sedition because it supposes “an effect called to the anti-Spain”


Vox has confirmed that it will go “en masse” to the demonstration called for next June 13 by the Unión78 platform in Madrid’s Plaza de Colón to protest against the possible concession of those sentenced by the illegal referendum of October 1, 2017.

“We have never been worried about the photos, those who are worried about the photos are others,” said the spokesman for the Vox Political Action Committee, Jorge Buxadé, in a veiled allusion to the PP, who assures that he will not put himself first line of concentration to leave all the prominence to the organizers, among which is the former leader of UPyD Rosa Díez or the former president of the Basque PP María San Gil.

Buxadé has stressed that Vox will participate in the aforementioned demonstration by going “en masse” to the Plaza de Colón, which he has encouraged to attend all Spaniards who want to vindicate the unity of Spain, respect for national sovereignty and compliance with the judicial resolutions, but also that they wish to request the resignation of a Government “that gives the future of the country to the anti-Spain that the separatist formations represent.


But he has refused to specify whether or not he will be in the first line of that appointment, which will bring together leaders of the PP, Vox and Citizens. “Vox is always in the front line when it comes to defending Spain and the final judicial decisions of the courts, even when we disagree,” he said.

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That said, he has stressed that he does not know what is the position that the PP will finally adopt because he recalled that when a week ago Vox announced that it would appeal the pardons and mobilize the Spanish, the PP pointed out that they would only present motions in the municipalities.

A “determined and determined” political action that, according to the Vox leader mocked, made the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and his Chief of Staff, Iván Redondo, “shake their legs” and caused 24 hours later to confirm that they would go to the Columbus demonstration but without saying who.

“Well, we are going to be as many as we can, with our national flag, which is the one that unites us all and, of course, without any intention of appearing in any photo because the relevant thing is not the photo,” he insisted.

When asked if Vox is going to try to promote other mechanisms to try to stop the pardons to the prisoners of the procés, Buxadé recalled that his party will file the corresponding resources against that hypothetical decision of the Government and that it will “get the people to the street”.


“What else are we going to do?” Asked the spokesman, who has guaranteed that Vox will not only demonstrate on June 13 but that it will continue to be “in the front line” always against all those who re-sign “illegal” resolutions.

Finally, when asked about the possibility that the Government intends to accelerate a reform of the crime of sedition, Buxadé has indicated that it is “another act of treason and complicity with separatism.” “It is like the second way in case it may happen that Vox files a contentious appeal against the decision of the pardon and the Supreme Court says what it is going to say: that it is nonsense and an injustice from every point of view,” he added.

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As has abounded, it is “the effect called to the anti-Spain” because it comes to tell the independentistas that they can return to make “a public and tumultuous uprising” because, with the legal reform that could be promoted by the Executive, they will only have to pay with a fine”.

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