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Online screening of the film “We are here now”

The film tells the story of seven young men who fled to Germany from Syria or Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea or Iraq around 2015. Looking into the camera, they tell of arriving in Germany – of funny and exhilarating moments and moments of deepest despair, of their fears and how they treated them, of racism and love. Their stories interweave seamlessly into a common narrative and allow the audience to participate in the emotional turbulence that an escape almost always entails. And they tell a lot about what will still be needed in the next few years for integration to succeed.

The production of the film was funded by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and is now being shown in cooperation with dozens of partners across Germany – in church groups and schools, in Dax companies and ministries, in the BAMF and in helper circles.

Recently there have been increasing reports that homophobia and trans-hostility are regularly not recognized by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) as a reason for fleeing. The asylum application by Najib Faizi, Afghan LGBTQI activist and protagonist in the film “We are here now”, was initially rejected by the BAMF and only recognized after going to the administrative court.

Online panel discussion

In the subsequent discussion, Najib Faizi will report on the challenges he sees for LGBTQI people in Afghanistan, given the uncertain security situation there. In addition, the discussion will deal with the so-called resettlement procedure, which enables safe escape routes, and the question of how Germany and other EU countries can become more involved here.

Discuss it

  • Najib Faizi |, Film protagonist and Afghan LGBTQI activist
  • Filiz Kekulluoglu, Bunt-Grün, Bündnis für Diversität within Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen
  • Günter Gaida, Rainbow Refugees Hamburg
  • Ronja von Wurmb-Seibel & Niklas Schenck, Filmmakers (bread & onion)


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