Warren Barguil: “It’s completely stupid” – News

Warren Barguil was frustrated, not to say pissed off, in the finish area ofAT across Flanders (1.UWT). Long a candidate for victory – or at least for the podium – on the Belgian event, by being present in the counter-attack group behind the Dutchman Dylan Van Baarle, the Breton could not count on the best of collaborations. “The problem is that they don’t roll, not even to make second… It’s completely stupid”Regretted the hot Arkéa-Samsic runner. “Even if Dylan Van Baarle is very strong, by riding well together, we must be able to come back. I don’t understand each other’s strategy ”.

Warren Barguil even went further by comparing the racing scenario to what he experienced in his early years on the bike. I have the impression of riding as an Amateur, when everyone is looking at each other and nobody wants to force. It sucks, frankly… ”. When questioning him on the identity of the riders who gave him the most trouble nervously this Wednesday, the former best climber of the Tour de France preferred to answer backwards: “I’m not going to designate those runners… but rather those who were doing well: Greg (Van Avermaet), myself and « Senech ». The others, I think they were happy to be there, quite simply ”.


The 29-year-old promises to have only run for victory this Wednesday, never thinking of anything else. “The whole race I ran to try to catch up with the first one. I don’t care if I do 2. I wanted to arrive for the win ”. If the third echelon of the race, namely what was left of the peloton, had not entered the last two kilometers, Warren Barguil would surely have “Tried to anticipate the 500-meter sprint”. But he therefore did not have the opportunity. “When I saw the peloton come back, I understood that it was over for me”.

This performance of good quality, despite the lack of result at the end of the event, can it allow him to consider a big performance on a Tour of Flanders? “The Flandriennes, these are races that ultimately suit me, but I don’t get excited, it was only a « small pavement » here. The Tour of Flanders is quite another thing ”.


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