Warframe: Heart of Deimos, its third open world will arrive this August 25


Warframe has already new expansion in sight; Heart of Deimos, and reach all platforms next August 25th in Spain and the rest of the world. The TennoCon 2020 of this past weekend has been the perfect setting for Digital Extremes to present the new content they have been working on, it is his third world open and include a lot of news for the most veteran free to play players. We go over all the details below.

This is Corazon de Deimos, the third open world of Warframe

The great novelty without a doubt of the TennoCon 2020 has been the presentation in style of Corazon de Deimos, the next expansion free to include the third open world of Warframe. The company has wanted to put out chest sharing a half hour demo of duration in which we can know many details about this content. For starters, this demo corresponds to one of the first major missions in the expansion.

Corazon de Deimos will simultaneously arrive on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintento Switch on August 25, 2020.

The narrative of Corazon de Deimos invites us to visit a hive of the Infested faction, a hauntingly beautiful landscape full of enemies and dangers. Also with the launch of this expansion there will be a new experience for new players who join Warframe. In turn, two great novelties have been presented.

Warframe Xaku

Xaku is the second community designed Warframe, a broken and Vaco damaged Warframe that possesses skills that have to do with manipulating vacuum energy.

  • Xaku has the power to infuse his weapons with Vaco energy, improving his damage.
  • Few can resist the Vaco’s pull, and Xaku exerts his energy to trick enemies into fighting for even each other.

Helminth chrysalis system

Deimos Heart will also suppose an advance on how we improve our Warframes and their customization. From what we have seen, a new Helminth chrysalis system that we can feed with resources to make our Warframes learn new skills or powers. That s, from the team they have clarified that when we change the abilities of a character we will not be able to undo these decisions unless we modify them again by hand.

Este sistema is mainly thought for the most veteran players Enjoy it and be the most advanced version to date to customize our Warframes.

Hydroid Prime

The company also took the opportunity to launch a trailer for Hydroid Prime, which players were able to get for free as a reward if they watched the live broadcast of the TennoCon 2020 event.

Warframe it’s a title free, a Multiplayer shooter currently available in PC, PS4, Xbox One y Nintendo Switch. If you want to know more about it, you can read our analysis. Do not hesitate to visit the definitive guide with the best tips and help to become an unstoppable space ninja.


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