Walter’s beloved girl Kristine tells us what her last hours were like before she died


Walter intended her Christine in December 2012 – in a bar where she worked as a waitress. The presentation of the book about the “Bird Ball” was celebrated, and the waitress Kristīne cut the cake. At that moment, Walter fell in love and asked the girl for a phone number, she reveals in “Eyewitness.” Walter turned out to be a persistent admirer and continued to pay attention to Kristine in every way, which at the time sometimes seemed even too sweet to her. But the two began a relationship. “It was a very romantic time,” she says.

Weddings that did not take place

Kristine reveals to the show that yes – Walter loved her for the rest of her life. Engagement of love for the rest of one’s life was planned in the wedding rings, but for various reasons it did not happen. The couple had planned to get married, there was also a date. Initially, Walter wanted to do it on his birthday (October 26 – the day of his funeral – ed.), But it was Friday. “Well then we somehow pulled the bee faster … to Tuesday,” says Kristine. Now the bride has one ring on her finger and the other hangs on a chain around her neck.

The disease does not differentiate

Walter told his friend Kārlis Būmeister or Kažis about the fact that he has cancer in a hotel where they both slept in the same room. With the light off, he revealed his diagnosis to his friend. “At that moment, there was no doubt that all this would be cured,” Kaža reveals to the show. Meanwhile, his other friend Mareks Bērents says that at the very beginning, when he led Valči to chemotherapy, he saw people of all ages, all nationalities, and representatives of all social strata among oncology patients. Marek says: this terrible disease does not differentiate.

“His pain was terrible,” reveals the bride Christine. However, he did not want to return to the Oncology Center, so fundraising was started for him to go to the Shariet clinic in Germany. After a long recovery, he and his bride had a perfect summer and it seemed that everything would be fine. “But all the time I had in my head the idea that said in Sharit: you wait for that month, then you will do a big test. And if there is anything left, then you are in Latvia,” Kristine remembers, I didn’t have to move it, “she now judges.

The operation was severe. We all know how things developed: the treatment was successful, Walter returned to a healthy appearance, hair, eyebrows and stubble grew back. None of the loved ones thought it could get any worse. But it happened. The disease returned with new power. Oncologist Armands Sīviņš explains that cancer is often much more aggressive in young people than in older people, because young people have a fast metabolism, and this allows cancer cells to grow and spread much faster. Sīviņš admits that Walter’s condition had really improved. “But unfortunately that illness won,” he admits.

“Eyewitness” shows a moment when the self-promotion of the show “Smart, even smarter” is filmed. In it, Valters leans against his colleague Kaspars Ozolins for a moment, and the boy’s eyes show that his body is in pain.

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“He lived in great pain all the time, it is the craziest,” recalls Kristine. Walter said that he wanted to live the way he wanted to, and that “everything is already really cool, but, well, it might not hurt.” The biggest thing for her is that her beloved was not able to live the way she wanted to, because in the last month there was simply not enough strength – the pain did not allow. But Walter never showed out how bad he was.

The last hours before leaving

Walter died at the Oncology Center. Next door was the bride and friend Marek. Goat failed because his plane ticket scheduled a flight on Thursday morning, but Walter left on Wednesday.

With tears in her eyes, Kristine tells about her beloved’s last moments in this world. “In the morning a nurse came in. A young, different nurse. She says: you must ask me if I need anything. Valchuk is finally asleep … And then she says: I don’t like that breath. I say – no, this is a very good breath , don’t collect anymore, he’s breathing well – so clean! ” When Kristīne listened to Walter’s breath after her nurse’s advice, she realized that it is very rare. It was three hours that Kristine spent waiting for Walter’s breaths and exhalations. “Until … it wasn’t the next breath. I didn’t want to believe it,” the girl says crying.

Even the sanitary ware cried

Mareks Bērents says that the moment Valters left and was about to take him away from the ward, all the sanitary ward cried. “I thought so – you worked there for years! You do it every day, it’s your job! But they cried.”

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