Walking the dog ended in a fight in Vladivostok

“She twisted my Elsa like a rag in her hands,” the victim comments.

Photo: Telegram-channel “News of Vladivostok and not only”

A resident of Vladivostok went out for a walk with the dog, nothing foreshadowed trouble. A neighbor approached her, asked a few questions, and then attacked the owner of the dog. Surveillance cameras captured the incident. The conflict is being discussed on the Web, RIA VladNews reports with reference to the Telegram channel “News of Vladivostok and beyond.”

The victim spoke on the popular Telegram channel about the attack and posted a video from CCTV cameras showing the fight. The woman went for a walk with the dog on the street. Svetlanskaya. After 10 minutes, a neighbor with pit bulls approached her and asked if she cleaned up after the dog. The woman politely replied that she always cleaned up after her pet.

“To which she replied, get out of here with her mongrel, this is my playground,” the author of the post comments.

The woman realized that the neighbor was not adequate, took her dog in her arms and started to leave. But the mistress of the pit bulls attacked her from behind.

“She scratched her chest, stomach, arms. I hit her in the stomach, from the shock of pain, I loosened my grip, and she pulled Elsa out. Today this little girl was twisted by the tail, by the paws and beaten until I gnawed off a piece of skin from the arm of the attacker, she did not let her go,” the woman continues the story.

The victim noted that it was “like in the most terrible bullying videos”, but this time everything happened not on the video, but in real life, with her dog:

“She was spinning my Elsa like a rag in her hands, you know what I feel?”.

According to the author of the post, this is not the first time such an incident has occurred:

“The police are inactive. Nobody does anything. Crazy people should be in a madhouse. Next time she will attack the child,” the woman sums up her story.

What they saw shocked the Primorsky people, they sympathized with the woman and her pet:

“The dog, of course, is a pity”;

“That’s horrible”;

“God, how many inadequate people are walking around the city”;

“Completely inadequate. Why did you twist the dog like that? It must have been a headache.”

Some felt that the victim should have filed a complaint with the police:

“In fact, she attacked you”;

“Why are you on social media? This material should be turned over to law enforcement!

Others have noted that to fully understand the conflict, it is important to hear the other side:

“It seems to me that the lady with the dog is not saying something. I would like to hear the other side as well. Obviously there was a conflict”;

“Yes, if he doesn’t finish speaking, why attack, and even tear the dog out of his hands.”

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