Vouchers for commerce, ice rink, ‘little gadgets’, exhibitions, concerts and masks this Christmas

Antequera is preparing to live a Christmas with enthusiasm from Thursday, December 2 to Sunday, January 9, where the consistory will invest 600,000 euros to ensure that the city lives intensely these weeks with the only unknown of the development of the pandemic, so You can participate, but with a mask.

This Thursday 25, the Antequera City Council, with the collaboration of the ACIA (Antequera Trade and Industry Association), presented the commercial campaign in which the council will invest 600,000 euros, according to Mayor Manuel Barón, together with the lieutenants of Mayor Ana Cebrián and Elena Melero, in the presence of the president of the ACIA, Jorge del Pino, and the manager, Jaime Barranco.

625,000 LED lights will illuminate the streets of the city from Thursday, December 2, where the Paseo Real will become the protagonist of leisure activities for the little ones with a natural ice rink 20 meters long with a price of 5 euros in one hour. And “little gadgets” like a live uncle, bumper cars or train at the price of 2.5 euros, with a 50 percent discount if a discount is presented after having bought in local stores.

Santa María will host an exhibition of adventure and fantasy cinema with the union of Marve’s superheroesHe alongside titles like Indiana Jones and the Ghostbusters. Managed by Your History and with entry prices of 5 euros for adults and 2 for children.

While the The Antonio Montiel Exhibition Hall of the City Council will host a new plasticine exhibition, this time dedicated to Sport, with free admission. There will be 18 children’s workshops between the Casa de la Juventud and Santa Clara.

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The Commerce Area will distribute 450 Christmas gifts to decorate local establishments, which will also be provided with a red carpet. Backpacks will also be delivered for activities in the streets during the campaign where there will be musical atmosphere with the EMMA (Municipal School of Music). The Poster has been designed by Mavi León.

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Cebrián insists that “you have to buy here” and take advantage of the traditional commerce network where they will be able to benefit from the 200,000 euros in consumer bonds, as well as the quality and home services of the companies. 430,000 euros are contributed by your area for this campaign.

As for the consumer bonus campaign, it will be available from December 9 to January 6. Del Pino from the ACIA announces that they will be contributing 50,000 euros each week from December 9 so that they do not run out on days as happened in the autumn campaign.

For her part, Elena Melero is pleased that “the most exciting days are returning to the city” after a difficult year. The association of nativity scenes prepares its Municipal Nativity Scene, the Poster and Proclamation of December 12 and a surprise activity. Among the cultural activities, a harp concert on December 18 in San Juan de Dios, as well as the concerts of the choirs of San Sebastián (day 18) and María Inmaculada (day 19).

With masks, pending the pandemic and looking forward to the Three Kings Parade

There will also be again a Living Nativity Scene promoted by the Theater Association, as well as the arrival of the Royal Herald before the Three Kings Parade. A Mary Poppins-inspired children’s show on January 3 and a great youth concert on December 26.

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Mayor Manuel Barón insists that today there will be a parade, with the peculiarity of the route through the works on Infante Street (it will pass twice through Cantareros Street). Like other times, there are alternative plans planned and consider that in the open air and with the precaution of distances and measures that have to be adopted, children will be able to see Their Majesties this year on horseback.


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