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In the video sharing and support app “Amecha” provided by SEGA TOYS Co., Ltd., it was decided to hold an online event “It’s you to decide! Wagyu’s Amecha cuisine Gachi Battle!” I received the news!

Vote for the Wagyu recipe!

Source: “You decide! Wagyu beef dish Gachibattle! 』

This event was announced in the dressing room assault interview of the laughing combination Wagyu, which was distributed on YouTube “Yoshimoto Kogyo Channel” from 18:30 on Saturday, January 9, 2021.
As the demand for cooking at home is increasing, the two Wagyu beef devise their own unique dishes so that they can enjoy a new menu at home.
There are two cooking themes: “New proposal for this winter! Original hot pot” and “The strongest” 2 eggs fluffy “plate”.

In the live stream on Saturday, January 9th, Hannya Kawashima of Legend, who acts as the “Amecha messenger,” asked the two Wagyu beef, “Do you usually cook?”
“I do (cooking) once in a while, but I’m really simple. Meat is grilled, vegetables are boiled, and that’s it,” Kawanishi said. The chef, Paddy, speaks a lot. The two of them seem to have such a difference in ability, but this time we are looking for “#Kawanishi support recipe” on Twitter, so we do not know which one will win until the end!

By the way, January 29th (Friday), when the Wagyu beef cooking video is uploaded to the Amecha app, happens to be Kawanishi’s birthday!
Paddy was protesting, “I’m giving Kawanishi an advantage!” … Of course, that’s not the case, so please download the app, watch the original video, and “amazing”!

On January 29th (Friday), a recipe video of the two Wagyu beef will be released on “Amecha”. An online event where general users of “Amecha” vote for recipe videos that they think are delicious with the “Amazing Button” and decide the winner. Please look forward to it!
Kawanishi is soliciting cooking ideas from the general public in advance in order to match the level of rice fields that are good at cooking.
Recruitment is possible by posting on Twitter with the hashtag “#Kawanishi support recipe”. We are recruiting from Saturday, January 9th to Sunday, January 17th, 23:59!

For details, see the Yoshimoto Kogyo channel “Video sharing / support app” Amecha “and Wagyu collaboration? !! Emergency live delivery! !! Please take a look.

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