Vostochny Port Foundation awarded Vasyanovich scholarship to schoolchildren of Wrangel

Photo: courtesy of Vostochny Port

The best 27 high school students of Wrangel secondary schools, who achieved success in their studies, sports and social life at the end of the 2020/21 academic year, were solemnly awarded a special student scholarship named after Viktor Andreevich Vasyanovich – the first head of Vostochny Port, under whose direct supervision the establishment enterprises, the village of Wrangel was under construction.

– Today, the Foundation is presenting the Viktor Vasyanovich scholarship for the first time at the end of the academic year – and these are completely different feelings, completely different emotions, because among the scholarship holders we see graduates who will leave their schools from day to day and go to conquer new heights in the “big adult life “, – addressed the participants of the event Alexey Bolta, Vice President of the Vostochny Port Foundation… – Guys, we worked with many of you on subbotniks, took part in “green plantings”, together we created a volunteer movement in Wrangel. Thank you for doing one big, necessary and good deed for people together with the Foundation!

Photo: courtesy of Vostochny Port

The vice-president of the Foundation was supported by the first deputy head of the administration of the Nakhodka urban district, German Krasnoshchekov, who expressed the wish that the current achievements of the students would be fully applicable in their future life. “After you graduate from schools, and then universities, we ask you to return to your native village, which we, with the help of such enterprises as Vostochny Port, will make it better and more beautiful,” the first vice-mayor emphasized.

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Photo: courtesy of Vostochny Port

A personal scholarship for students with an active life position was established by the Vostochny Port Foundation two years ago with the aim of encouraging children for success and inspiring new achievements, helping teenagers become real leaders in society, who can now contribute to the development of their native village together with adults … It is worth noting that many of the students who have gathered today in the conference hall of the “Vostochny Port”, by their work, by their successes, have achieved a personal scholarship for the third time in a row and do not intend to stop there.

Photo: courtesy of Vostochny Port

Nominees for the student scholarship to them. V.A. Vasyanovich

(2020/2021 academic year):


I degree

Tsaraeva Alina Dmitrievna, 8th grade student

Gadzhiadamova Amina Abutalibovna, 8th grade student

Stepanova Anastasia Dmitrievna, 9th grade student

II degree

Tsai Ekaterina Evgenievna, student of grade 8

Shpakovskaya Diana Evgenievna, 11th grade student

Lopatnenko Alina Alekseevna, 11th grade student

III degree

Feshina Beatrice Dmitrievna, student of the 9th grade

Zueva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, 11th grade student

Gritsenko Ilya Nikolaevich, 11th grade student

MAOU “Secondary School No. 19” Choice “NGO

I degree

Almakeev Ilya Olegovich, student of grade 8

Abdurahimov Ehejon Ehsonjonovich, 9th grade student

Pozhidaev Vladimir Alekseevich, student of grade 10

II degree

Sinelnikova Elizaveta Dmitrievna, 8th grade student

Malakovich Marina Stepanovna, 9th grade student

Stikhina Anna Denisovna, student of grade 10

III degree

Ksenia Mikhailovna Kostrova, 9th grade student

Filippova Svetlana Alekseevna, 9th grade student

Voroshilova Irina Rostislavovna, student of the 10th grade

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I degree

Tyurina Valeria Vladimirovna student of grade 10

Zhuravleva Veronika Aleksandrovna, student of grade 10

Seliverstova Violetta Valerievna, 11th grade student

II degree

Petrova Anastasia Vladimirovna, 11th grade student

Filippova Christina Vladimirovna, 11th grade student

Alekseeva Victoria Dmitrievna, 11th grade student

III degree

Arkhipov Nikita Andreevich, student of grade 10

Shishmarev Maxim Evgenievich, 11th grade student

Vantskus Angelika Alexandrovna, 11th grade student.


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