Volunteers rescued a dog injured in an explosion at a gas station in Novosibirsk

A dog named Belyash is now in a shelter and is undergoing rehabilitation. He survived the explosion at the gas station, but inhaled carbon monoxide.

The dog lived at the gas station for about eight years. After the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations took people and animals out of the territory, volunteers picked up the homeless dog and handed him over to the shelter.

“Thanks to the guys from the Ministry of Emergency Situations and firefighters, saving people and the territory, they brought out two dogs, including Belyash. The dog was taken to the clinic , since she was lying in fuel oil, inhaling carbon monoxide. She spent 24 hours in an oxygen chamber. A huge number of people, having seen the posts about the tragedy at the gas station and about the condition of the dog, responded and provided financial assistance, ”said the shelter volunteer.

Doctors do not exclude damage to the upper respiratory tract in Belyash. Doctors also identified a number of chronic diseases in the dog.

“Today our patient has only chronic changes, there are no acute processes of any kind. This is a wound that has been in his back for one year, animal rights activists know about this. He has a problem with the prostate gland – cyst formation of the prostate gland. And there is a cyst in the spleen. All of this is relatively dangerous for the patient, ”commented the veterinarian.

After Belyash undergoes treatment, volunteers will pick up a new family for him.

Recall that a fire at a gas station on the Gusinobrodskoye highway in Novosibirsk occurred on June 14. Gas cylinders and containers with fuel exploded, the flames covered an area of ​​1200 square meters. As a result of the emergency, 33 people were injured.

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