Vologda residents are explained what incomes are taken into account for the assignment of benefits for children aged 8-17

Payments for children from 8 to 17 years old are assigned to those families whose income is less than the subsistence minimum per capita. In the Vologda Oblast, this amount is now 14,059 rubles.

The amount of income is determined for the last year preceding the four months before the day of applying for benefits – this is the billing period. This takes into account wages, alimony, interest on deposits in credit institutions, income from leasing property, apartments. Attention: amounts are taken before tax deductions.

At the time of payment assignment, adult family members must provide confirmed income for the billing period: salary, scholarship, etc. A valid reason for the lack of income is: caring for a child under three years old or caring for a disabled or elderly relative 80 years of age or older, pregnancy. These reasons are taken into account if the billing period is 6 months or more.

You can apply for benefits through the public services portal.

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