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If there is one vehicle that symbolizes the concept of freedom and independence, it is the Volkswagen California, identified with surfing, the beach and outdoor excursions. Heir to the legendary Bulli, he has been a precursor model of a lifestyle that has not stopped growing to this day. More than 30 years and more than 185,000 units sold later, the California continues to be the model that best expresses what Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles means by mobility.

Now, with the arrival of the Grand California, Volkswagen has taken its Camper DNA to the maximum expression and is positioned as the only brand in the sector that offers a model of this type developed entirely by the manufacturer.

Adventure, contact with nature, outdoor sports and the freedom to travel are the keys to the DNA of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and its Camper Range. The California Success Story has special relevance in Spain, since our market represents 12% of world sales of this model. Its sales have not stopped growing at an exponential rate in recent years in our country, where they have multiplied by four between 2013 and 2019.

This positive trend can be extrapolated to the entire Camper segment since, as it explains Álex García, Marketing Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, «In Spain, the Camper market has been growing at a double-digit rate in recent years. And, specifically, in 2019, sales of this type of vehicle increased by more than 25% ».

With the new Grand California, Volkswagen enters fully into the camper segment of more than 6 meters, in which it was not present until now. Despite the challenge it poses, the manager ensures that the brand is ready: «We made our debut in this segment with a 100% Volkswagen product, which makes us the only brand in the sector that has a model of this type developed entirely by the maker. In addition, we have the experience, a history of success supports us and we have a network of dealers ready. Without a doubt, the Grand California is an additional business opportunity for the brand.

Camper “a lo grande”

The new Grand California is a modern “motorhome”, with a careful design, the latest technology and the highest level and attention to detail. Built on the basis of the CrafterIt is larger and has more space to sleep, to store things and it allows you to incorporate your own bathroom with a shower. In addition, it is the only vehicle in its category that is 100% finished at the factory and goes directly to the customer without the need for external transformations.

The new T6 California

Beach, mountains, outdoor sports everything fits into the California spirit and, of course, surfing, a sport that California has associated with its image and DNA. This revamped California is more digitized than ever and makes it easy to the experience of life on board and camping. It also incorporates decorative and distinctive exterior elements, new interior features and the latest driving aids.

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