Volgograd students plan to work during full-time studies

85% of full-time students feel they need to work. Among parents, only one in four out of 10 respondents shares the same position.

According to the SuperJob portal, 44% of university students and graduates choose a job in their own or related specialty. 41% of respondents said that it does not matter to them where to work during their studies. Most often, the reasons for looking for a job are a small scholarship and the desire for financial independence.

Among parents, only 40% of the respondents reported that students are required to work. 22% of them believe that it is possible to work anywhere, and 18% voted for work in the direction of study or in a related field. The fact that students should devote all their time to studying was stated by 35% of respondents.

We add that men more often said that during full-time studies it is better to get a job related to the chosen profession. According to women, it is better to refuse employment for these few years.

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