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“Interested parties should decide quickly, due to the Corona restrictions we can offer significantly fewer tickets than usual,” says Leonore von Falkenhausen, who put the program off the ground with a lot of passion, even in difficult times.

Beethoven in the center

Ludwig van Beethoven is at the center of the series of events, which are held around the music pavilion in Oberdorf Holzhausen when the weather is good, and otherwise as usual in the bull stable at Gut Holzhausen. The program largely corresponds to the plans for the failed festival last year. The composer from Bonn would have been 250 years old in 2020. Chamber music, recitals, symphony concerts or cabaret readings – each of the first-class artists invited approaches Beethoven’s genius of the century from a different perspective. This is what makes it so exciting for visitors to a festival event and also making several appointments absolutely worthwhile.

Unfamiliar sounds

Voices 2021 starts on Friday, June 25th. In its “Creative Chamber Music”, the Sheridan Ensemble creates a connection between Beethoven and other musical styles.

The talented solo musicians not only use the unusual instrument combination of cello, guitar, piano and organ with vibraphone and lyre, but also create a transformation of Beethoven’s “Pastorale” (his sixth symphony) into other music genres such as baroque to towards the flower power of the 1960s and 1970s.

The ensemble will rehearse at Gut Holzhausen from June 21st and live in the Nieheimer Feriendorf. On Saturday, June 26th, the concert will be repeated again to give more viewers the chance of this special experience.

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Music cabaret

The name Tina Teubner will not be alien to those who are less music-savvy. The cabaret artist from Witzenhausen is known from the TV series “Ladys Night” and is often on the road as a reciter in literary concerts. At the side of her husband Ben Süverkrüp (piano) and Stephan Picard (violin), she dares a cabaret approach to Ludwig van Beethoven under the heading “Immortality for advanced learners” (twice on Thursday, July 1st).

Christian Padberg alias “Dad’s Phonkey” deals with the Beethoven theme in a completely different way, namely very cool. “Fun with Ludwig van” is what he calls his a capella solo, in which he uses a loop machine to turn a solo performance into a multi-part concert and – so to speak – sings with himself. Not only connoisseurs will hear motifs of “old Ludwig van”.

“It is worth it”

It is difficult for Leonore von Falkenhausen to filter out special highlights from the colorful festival program. “Every concert is worthwhile”, the organizer and soprano is certain and recommends: “If you can’t get a ticket for your favorite concert, you should simply switch to another event”. Should the weather play along and open-air events with or without a tent in Oberdorf be possible, there will be more tickets at short notice In the event of a complete cancellation due to increasing incidences, the future of the series is also secured in the coming years.

Furthermore, the corona intervals must of course be observed, only recovered, vaccinated or tested visitors are allowed.

Leonore von Falkenhausen herself not only appears as the organizer and organizer but – with the Minguet Quartet (Wednesday June 30th) – as a soprano and (on Saturday, July 3rd at 5 p.m.) as the lead singer in the canon singing. Not only she is looking forward to “wonderfully creative” moments that have been missed for a long time in the pandemic.

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There are maps here

There are three discounted price categories for all “Voices” concerts. A whole week of music can be booked at a reduced rate under “Subscription Total”. In addition, there is the “Subscription A” variant for all events on the first weekend and “Subscription B” for the concerts on the second weekend. Ticket pre-orders from now on at: http://voices-holzhausen.de/karten/

The appointments:

Friday, June 25th: 7.30 p.m .: Creative chamber music – Beethoven-Inspirations-Mother Earth with the Sheridan Ensemble

Saturday, June 26th: 7.30 p.m .: 2nd appointment creative chamber music

Sunday, June 27th: 11 am: Liedermatinee – expectation with Sibylla Rubens and Carl-Martin Buttgereit; 6 pm: Solo a capella – “fun with Ludwig van” with Christian Padberg

Monday, June 28th: ​​7.30 p.m .: 2nd date Solo a capella – “fun with Ludwig van”

Tuesday, June 29th: 7.30 p.m .: Recital – “I want to sing, sing songs” with Jussi Myllys and Manuel Lange

Wednesday, June 30th: 7.30 pm: Chamber music with singing – “Only those who know longing” with Leonore von Falkenhausen and the Minguet Quartet

Thursday, July 1st: 5.30 pm: Cabaret reading with chamber music – “Beethoven – Immortality for the advanced” with Tina Teubner, Stephan Picard and Ben Süverkrüp; 9 pm: 2nd appointment cabaret reading with chamber music – “Beethoven – Immortality for advanced learners”

Friday, July 2nd: 7.30 p.m .: Recital with Michael Daub and Eric Schneider

Saturday, July 3rd: 12 noon: Symphony concert “Götterfunken” with Maria Hilmes, Frank-Michael Erben and Alfredo Perl as well as the Detmold Chamber Orchestra; 5 p.m .: canon singing for everyone with Leonore von Falkenhausen (only in good weather in front of the castle); 7.30 p.m .: Symphony concert “Götterfunken”

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Sunday, July 4th: 11 am: Chamber music matinee “Cello total 1” with David Cohen and Alfredo Perl: 2 pm: Chamber music matinee “Cello total 2”


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