Vitamin C and others: the right supplements for your holidays


From the sea to the cities of art passing through the mountains, every destination has the right vitamin to take: let’s discover them together

August means holidays: despite the extremely special summer, 2020 is no exception and sends Italians on vacation. Precisely in this period of relaxation, which closes a period of high stress due to the lockdown, it is important to take care of every aspect of our well-being: this is why food supplements can help us immediately settle in the destination chosen for our well-deserved rest. From the classic seaside resort to a cool stay in the mountains passing through the cities of art, each different type has its needs and consequently its most suitable supplements: let’s find out together with Dr. Giovanna Geri, pharmacist, nutritionist and co- founder of the startup Vitamina ( what to buy to get better.

FOR EVERYONE “Probiotics, together with B vitamins, are the best way to face any journey – he explains -. They strengthen the intestine and help the body prepare for any climate and food changes. Whether you go to the sea, to the mountains or to the city, always have magnesium or a combination of magnesium and potassium on hand as they help rehydrate the body (even in the case of intestinal imbalances) and maintain regular blood pressure “.

BIG “For those who choose the beaches and therefore plan to expose themselves to the sun’s rays for prolonged periods – suggests Dr. Geri – supplements based on beta-carotene (naturally contained in carrot oil), vitamin C and zinc are the best choice . All three carry out a protective action on the skin: acting as antioxidants, they prevent the effects of free radicals and, obviously together with creams with a high anti-UV factor, protect the skin from the effect of the sun’s rays, contributing to an enviable tan. “.

ART If you choose a city of art, which many Italians are doing this summer, rediscovering Venice and Florence, for example, then a “blueberry-based supplement” is recommended. The dry extract of bilberry, in fact, is rich in polyphenolic antioxidants (anthocyanins in particular), substances that have both anti-inflammatory and vasoprotective functions. In short, the bilberry strengthens the walls of the capillaries and promotes venous return, counteracting swelling.

MOUNTAIN Finally, for those who choose a splendid stay in the Alps or the Apennines, “the advice falls on vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D3”, concludes Dr. Geri. Both are in fact a support for the immune system and the body’s defenses, as well as for the metabolism. For everyone, however, it is better to remember the importance of the regularity of physiological functions: even more so in summer, when you have to drink a lot, it is essential to protect the urinary tract. In that case, a cranberry supplement is truly a cure-all, especially for women.

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