Visit the Dal Theater in Figueres from home with state-of-the-art technology


The Dalí Foundation has renewed its virtual visit with a new technology that allows you to approach the Figueres Theater-Museum from a new perspective. The new online experience allows for interactive viewing and incorporates a dollhouse-like visualization a 3D model of the room without walls, to give the feeling of walking through the rooms of the great surrealistic object behind closed doors.

Thus, at all times, he has the overall vision of space, a building that Salvador Dalí already conceived as a whole, as a work in itself. In addition, it allows the Internet user to create their own itinerary, with personalized contents and duration and, above all, without architectural barriers. The resource is available on the Dalí Foundation website and from any mobile device, because the tool is designed to complete a face-to-face visit from your mobile. The user can wander around the different floors in an agile and fluid way and choose one of the eleven spaces that can be visited without distorting or delaying the download.

In total, the visit is offered by nine rooms and two hallwaysThese include the central courtyard, the stage below the dome, the Mae Est room or the Palace of the Wind, for example. Once inside the chosen room, the contemplation of a work is enriched with additional information ? Suitable for all audiences- consisting of texts, links to the reasoned catalog of paintings and sculptures, articles and publications, historical photographs or audiovisual content that contextualize the piece.

There are fifty information points and twenty tasks, some of which are pedagogical proposals for children. During the tour, users are given hints for discover the operation of certain devices as Dalí had predicted in their museum and they sometimes go unnoticed. This is the case with the Cyber ​​Princess Above which is a stained glass window painted with methacrylate.

Working methodology

American technology Matterport has been used to digitize the spaces in 3D and 4K resolution. To date, this system has been used primarily in the fields of museums of technical and natural sciences for educational purposes, and is quite unknown in the world of art museums, according to the Dalí Foundation.

To generate this new virtual visit high-resolution photographs were taken and later laser scanning and shooting with 360º cameras in the museum spaces. It has been possible to reach places such as the Poetry Room of America or the Tower of the Enigmas and even in places where the visitor cannot access, such as the interior of the Rainy taxi -the cadillac of the central patio- or the altar below the dome showing the oil Burst of mystical faith in the center of a cathedral.

With this material, the virtual visit has been elaborated and a high-resolution three-dimensional digital model, which is known as the “doll’s house”, a 3D model of where the bird’s eye view rooms are without walls. The fifty points of interest chosen initially can be progressively incorporated into others.

The goal of this technology bet on the Know My Story is to put the technique “at the service of education and entertainment to bring heritage closer to a global audience,” according to the foundation. The project has been coordinated by Cinzia Azzini, responsible for the Dalí Foundation’s Digital Area, with the collaboration of Anna Garcia, a member of the Educational Service. The academic review was performed by the Center for Dalinian Studies and the technical supervision by the Conservation and Restoration Department.


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