VIRAL How to relax hedgehogs. The video was viewed by over 5 million people

A friendly hedgehog delights internet users. The video went viral. The adorable animal is massaged on its belly by its owner. The video has over 5 million views.

VIRAL How to relax hedgehogs (Image: Instagram)

The perfect recipe for relaxation: Take a friendly hedgehog, massage tenderly on your stomach, while jazz music flows in the background and get a zen state, total relaxation.

The pampered hedgehog was filmed by its owner. At one point he stretches his front legs relaxing on the fluffy towel.

At one point you can see the hedgehog rest his head on his back and close his eyes, enjoying every second of the massage.

The video went viral on the internet, being viewed by over 5 million people, and users noticed and appreciated the cuteness of the pet.

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