Vincent Lagaf ‘: this thing he regrets about the education of his son

Vincent Lagaf’ gave an interview to Tele-Leisure this Friday, March 10, 2023. In these columns, the one who has just been removed from Fort Boyard confided in his private life and his relationship with his son Robin, of whom he regrets certain aspects of his upbringing.

Vincent Lagaf’s television career is full of twists and turns. The one who made the great hours of TF1 with the show Bigdilthen disappeared from the screens to return three years ago in the show Fort Boyard. In the cult game of France 2, broadcast during the summer period, Vincent Lagaf’ interpreted Mégagaf, a completely wacky hero perched on his flyboard. Despite the fact that the latter is particularly appreciated by viewers, he will not be present at the next edition as informed by Alexia Laroche-Joubert in Telepro this Thursday, March 9, 2023: “He had a great event, but complicated to do because it depended a lot on the tides and the state of the sea. However, it required a big investment, because it involved a lot of technique and technology and, at the end of the account, we agreed to stop his character…” The end of a great adventure that will allow him to focus on the release of his autobiography My name was Frank to be published by XO editions on March 23.

Punishments he regrets

On the occasion of the release of his book, Vincent Lagaf’ gave an interview to Tele-Leisure this Friday, March 10, 2023. He confided in his private life in all honesty and more precisely on his report which he describes as “Magic” with Robin. A beautiful complicity strewn with sometimes more complicated moments. In all transparency, the host admits having already raised his hand on his son twice: “Once because he went biking with the neighbor without telling us. However, the weekend before, a child had been kidnapped, raped and strangled in the region where we were. I notified the cops, direct; that was the Orsec plan. And there, I see my Robin showing up, like a flower. Me: ‘Where were you?’ Him: ‘Well, I went cycling’. Pan, the slap is gone. He didn’t understand and he left crying. To have been afraid, to have alerted everyone and to have hurt my son… The second time, it was in Carry-le-Rouet, in a restaurant. Robin was playing with an ashtray. I told him ‘stop! He is about to fall !’ He wasn’t listening to me, the ashtray fell and he took one.” he says. Punishments that made him “sick” and of which he is absolutely not proud.

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