Vince McMahon congratulated Dominik Mysterio after his WWE SummerSlam debut


By Iván Beas – PUBLISHED ON 09/13/2020 AT 6:53 PM

Dominik Mysterio said in an interview that he was congratulated by WWE President Vince McMahon after finishing his SummerSlam debut. This has been confirmed after this Sunday premieres on the WWE Network platform, The Day Of: SummerSlam 2020.

In the documentary, you see the moment when McMahon congratulated Mysterio’s son. “Congratulations,” Vince stated as the two hugged. “Very few people can have that kind of reaction when they are in the ring. It doesn’t matter how long they have been in business. You must be very, very proud of yourself. “

He was congratulated not only by McMahon, but by others like his own combat rival, Seth Rollins. Dominik received Rollins’ bracelet from his own hands as a memento of the match, and the fighter also had good words for Rey Mysterio’s son.

Gain Rey’s confidence to give his son his first WWE match on a huge stage, like SummerSlam, says a lot about Rey’s trust towards him. Rey’s first WWE PPV was also SummerSlam, so there is a symmetry there about their paths, “said Rollins, who continued talking about it.

“Wearing the outfit Rey wore from WCW Halloween Havoc is an ode. He was very proud of him, and he was very proud of his performance and the fact that he brought it. That is going to mean a lot of moving forward and hopefully putting it on the map and establishing it., or at least get him started and make sure this business is good for years to come after his father retires. “

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