Villa Medici in Rome, modernity in a Renaissance palace


Unusual exhibition at the Villa Medici with the exhibition of plastic or musical works of the 16 residents who have just spent a year in this sublime building in the heart of Rome.

Contrary to popular belief, the Académie de France in Rome does not only welcome sculptors and painters. The 16 residents who have just spent a year at Villa Medici are proof of this: there are composers, architects, photographers, historians or writers, a fashion designer, and only a painter! They have just spent a year in this sublime building which dominates the city and present their work in an absolutely breathtaking exhibition. Their modernity blends perfectly with this 16th century Renaissance palace. Exhibition as visual as musical.

We stop, for example, in front of the installation of Mikel Urquiza who during the confinement imagined these newsprint sculptures which inexorably turn with immense lightness to evoke everyday life. Confinement also with Sara Vitacca who was researched in the archives of the Villa this year 1837, where the residents had been confined because of cholera and retraces with the paintings of their portraits painted at the time, life in the institution this year. that year.

Confinement again with Louise Sartor painter who does not like life in society and who painted on tablet what she saw from her window of the Académie de France in Rome. Others have passed the news like the composer Bastien David who completed the production of his new instrument. Its metallophone having the particularity of having 12th tone keys which musically allows for incredible nuances. Or François Olislaeger, cartoonist and comic book author who went to the island of Stromboli to see the volcano and here expresses on four large canvases the symbolism of this lava, dear to artists, which makes this lava spring outwards. that comes from within. In short, a beautiful journey through time.

Exposition, In the Whirlwind of everyone, curator Lorenzo Romito, Académie de France in Rome, until September 13 (+39.06.6761)


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