Viewpoint: MIT turns a blind eye to misinformation about agricultural biotech and vaccines promoted by ‘notorious crank’ personal computer scientist Stephanie Senev

How very long did it take the teachers who spouted anti-vaccine nonsense connected to COVID-19 to reach a stage of accountability by no means found just before? How about conspiracy theories about food, where by students like Walter Willett and Stephanie Seneff are rampaging against science, together with slander, with zero desire from school?

Professor Kevin Folta, who wrote in the Genetic Literacy Project in 2022, is no stranger to remaining focused by anti-science activists, noting that the well known eccentric Senev runs wild amongst simple fact and rationale on just one facet: makes the arbitrary mother nature of academic flexibility appear even far more capricious. Dr Susie Wiles, a scholar at the College of Auckland, was informed to continue to keep peaceful about another biology, but she wasn’t nervous about it.

Dislike GMOs? MIT claims it is educational freedom. secure vaccines? I am instructed to give up social media and acquire mandatory paid out go away.

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MIT permits Seneff to assert to be an ‘MIT senior exploration scientist’ marketing corporate conspiracy theories about agriculture and vaccines when Seneff is just a programmer performing on ‘communication’ between people and computers. about it continues to be a thriller. She has not been given, at the very least publicly, the notes left by anti-researchers who routinely accuse her of turning to pro-vaccine.

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