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An avatar makes it possible: in the future, VHS course instructors with disabilities will also be able to teach from home at eye level.

Vienna (OTS) The Vienna Adult Education Centers are taking a further step in the inclusion of people with disabilities and are presenting a teaching model of tomorrow as part of the event “Back to the future with the Vienna Adult Education Centers – an outlook”. By using an avatar that can move freely in space, in the future course instructors will communicate on an equal footing with course participants, will be able to give mobile and varied teaching and give feedback, even though they are not physically present.

“The experiences during Corona have made the relevance of digitization in the education sector clear, but also showed that there are groups that are more excluded from education as a result. At the same time, the opportunities for other groups of people to participate in the educational process have increased, ”explains Herbert Schweiger, Managing Director of the Vienna Adult Education Centers. “We would like to take advantage of the opportunity to increase the participation of people with disabilities in the course – not only for course participants, but also for course instructors,” continues Schweiger.

Education for everyone through digital humanism

The presentation of an avatar was the culmination of a discussion of future models for adult education. In his keynote, trend and futurologist Matthias Horx dealt with developments in the course of the corona crisis and explained how the concept of education has changed as a result of this turning point. In addition to the growing role of digital solutions and the potential they contain for educational organizations, he emphasized the increasingly articulated longing of many people for direct interaction. Modern approaches to imparting knowledge can build a bridge here and enable social interaction without excluding people.

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The Viennese adult education centers try to realize this claim through “digital humanism”. “With solutions like an avatar, we would like to give more people with disabilities the opportunity to teach with us,” emphasizes Schweiger.

Courses with home advantage

But for many course participants, too, the increased offer of hybrid courses, which the Viennese adult education centers call “courses with home advantage”, makes it easier for them to attend further training courses. Because not everyone can or would like to take advantage of an educational offer at the location.

“The Vienna Adult Education Centers offer education for everyone – for us that also means that we will find flexible models for high-quality offers and that we will keep our finger on the pulse with our program. The courses with home advantage, as we piloted them in the course of Corona, were so successful that we will also implement them across the board in the fall semester. In this way, all course participants can choose from appointment to appointment whether they want to attend the course in person or virtually, ”concludes Schweiger.

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