(Video) Two men abandoned a dog and tied it to a bridge in full sun

The events occurred in the Olaya Herrera neighborhood, commune 2 of Barrancabermeja, Santander, when the washerwomen allegedly left the animal’s owners at the foot of the pipe.

As explained by residents of the sector, it was also recorded in cameras how the family was organizing their storage in a truck. However, before leaving, they abandoned the animal.

Luis Peralta, one of the residents of the sector reported:

“This is outrageous, we realized that the puppy was tied with a chain there in front of the railings of the park, that day it was very sunny and they had left him tied up, without food and without water. It is a terrible case that one does not understand how they have a heart to leave a little animal in those conditions.”

Given this, Janeth Ojeda, The Animal Protection Board reported that the animal is dehydrated and malnourished:

“There is total outrage on the part of the community for this reprehensible fact. They are people who have no heart. As a result of the abandonment, the animal was in very poor condition because it was dehydrated and we found it with obvious feeding problems; that day the temperature was quite high and that family left him without water and without food”.

The defender explained that this type of animal abandonment case is common in Santander, it should be added that the most recent was in Bucaramanga where a woman abandoned her cat and in view of a claim, attacked another citizen; therefore, the authorities gave him an exemplary measure of the sum of 10 current legal monthly minimum wages.

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Meanwhile, in Barrancabermeja, in the Las Nieves neighborhood, the owners of the animals tie them up and leave them abandoned.

Ojeda added: “It is already becoming customary for people to leave their pets lying around, but these cases are especially being registered with the migrant population that takes in pets but when they move to another city or another neighborhood; they leave them in the street or tied up in houses, as happened recently in the Las Nieves neighborhood, these are cases that are repeated daily.”

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