VIDEO | This is how Yina Calderón’s tail looks after her last surgery


Yina Calderón’s tail has been the center of several controversies since the singer entered the reality show ‘Protagonistas de Nuestro Tele’, where she assured that she had prostheses but her colleagues always said that she used foam underwear.

Later, when Yina Calderón achieved fame, she began to undergo several surgeries on almost the entire body, but his tail was always the protagonist, however, the interventions They did not leave the best appearance in their buttocks for which it has been strongly criticized on social networks.

In addition, on several occasions Calderón assured that he was suffering from health problems due to the biopolymers that he had in his tail.

Another Colombian who recently removed the biopolymers from her tail is Lina Tejeiro, although the famous actress said that when she was injected they never told her that it was that material.


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