Video review of the 15 years of the Otillo Swimrun – Swimrun


From the organization of the first official swimrun in 2006 to the Swimrun World Series with eight stages around the world and two World Championships in 2020 (canceled due to covid-19), 15 years have passed. 15 years of expansion for a sport which has won over many endurance enthusiasts in Europe, particularly in Scandinavia.

10 km in water and 65 km on land

The original idea? Like many bright concepts, it took the form of a challenge against the counter of a Swedish bar in 2002. Two locals, Anders Malm and Janne Lindberg, challenged two of their friends (the Andersson brothers) on the course that constitutes today the most legendary swimrun race, the Otillo.

29h is the time it took for the first team in the history of the swimrun to cross the Stockholm archipelago, i.e. 75 km, 10 km in the water and 65 km on the trails, with no less than 46 transitions between swimming and running (the race is now won in less than 8 hours). In 2005, Michael Lemmel and Mats Skott, two Swedes passionate about extreme challenges, contacted these swimrun pioneers to organize a real race. The first start will be given in 2006. The rest can be seen on video.


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