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movies”Tokyo Bicycle FestivalWas released on July 10th at the mini theater PorePore Higashinakano in Tokyo (released nationwide).

This work is a documentary film directed and heroed by Taku Aoyagi, a filmmaker who lost his job due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

The whole story of the days when I went to Tokyo to work and earned a living as a deliveryman of the delivery service “Uber Eats” was shot with a smartphone and GoPro.

Set in Tokyo, where the scenery that has never been seen in the corona wreck has spread, this work captures the present age from the perspective of a bicycle deliveryman whose demand has increased dramatically.

“Tokyo Bicycle Festival” was born from the hardships of life caused by the corona

Taku Aoyagi, who lived in Yamanashi Prefecture as a videographer and acting driver.

Debut work”Hiikun no Aruku Town]Is a work that lovingly depicts the town where he was born and raised.

In 2020, the documentary film “Well wo, holIs being screened at PorePore Higashinakano.

Even though he was on behalf of a videographer and had a smooth sail with two legs, he lost his income source due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

In addition to daily living expenses, delinquent scholarships borrowed to go on to university.That amount is5.5 million yenClimbed up.

Taku Aoyagi, who was deprived of his job due to a disaster, goes to Tokyo to earn living expenses and repay scholarships, even though he is stopped by his family and surroundings, and chooses to deliver by bicycle.

When I went to Tokyo by bicycle from Yamanashi, I said, “I was asked to refrain from going out across prefectures, so I only tried to go to Tokyo from Yamanashi. I vowed to Yamanashi that I should not come back until Corona settles down. I stood up and headed to Tokyo with a one-way ticket. “

While working hard to prevent infection, he stayed at a friend’s house in Tokyo, turning the pedals and camera on both sunny and rainy days, and recorded himself as a bicycle deliveryman.

Impressions from the public about bicycle delivery staff

Bicycle delivery personnel, led by “Uber Eats” delivery personnel (official name is “delivery partner”), have been in high demand due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in 2020.

The biggest problem with such bicycle delivery staff is poor driving manners.

In April 2020, a deliveryman was killed in a traffic accident. Starting with this, it was reported that a bicycle was driven on the Metropolitan Expressway and a hit-and-run incident was reported.

It can be said that some reports of problematic behavior have been labeled by the public as bad manners for bicycle delivery staff.

In response to these, in March 2021, an industry group consisting of 13 businesses “Japan Food Delivery AssociationWas launched. It is an industry where rules are being established by facing challenges in an ongoing manner.

A world with a radius of 2 meters reflected by an unemployed and unemployed sentence

The movie “Tokyo Bicycle Festival” is made into a movie based on “Tokyo Bicycle Festival” posted on SNS.

Rowing, earning, surviving.As used in the advertising phrase of this work, it is a work that cuts out the life of Mr. Taku Aoyagi who lives hard as a bicycle delivery person in the unprecedented crisis of Corona.

In addition, you can get a glimpse of the poverty, employment patterns, and the effects of disasters in modern Japan through the days of Taku Aoyagi’s bicycle delivery staff.

Taku Aoyagi commented when he started working as a bicycle deliveryman, “I wanted to record the tension in Tokyo today.” This work is a documentary film that shows not only a bicycle delivery person but also a videographer and Taku Aoyagi’s way of life.

“As a documentary aspirant, I was also interested in Tokyo, where no one was there. If I continued to shoot the corona-stricken Tokyo from the perspective of a bicycle deliveryman, I might see something, and it’s unnamed, unemployed. I thought that only I could do it because I had nothing to lose in one sentence. ” From an interview with director Taku Aoyagi on the official website of “Tokyo Bicycle Festival”

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