VIDEO. Horn concerts, mortar fire, fire, the night was hot in Lyon

On the Bellecour side, dozens of cars have gotten into the habit of parading in the middle of the night honking their horns for long minutes. (©DR)

Klaxons until 4 a.m., untimely start-up, screams, loud music, the night was again agitated in the city center of Lyon as in several towns in the metropolis.

Enough so that the inhabitants and the citizens’ collectives in the image of Almost angry are mobilizing on social networks to challenge local elected officials accused of laxity.

The police had nevertheless carried out a punch action

These horn concert scenes are now repeated almost every night during the weekends. The objective of these processions? None, except making noise.

Saturday June 26, however, the National Police communicated on a fist operation carried out on the Peninsula to control many large-capacity cars, mostly rental cars registered abroad. This action is part of the action plan against urban rodeos.

Fireworks mortars in Vénissieux, fire in Lyon

Municipalities in the metropolis also experienced a rough night as in Venissious (video) where fireworks mortar fire echoed for long minutes in the middle of the night.

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In the center of Lyon, a motorhome was set on fire and required the intervention of a major rescue system.

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