Video games: Xbox Series S has an Easter egg engraved inside it dedicated to “H


You have to be very observant! A Reddit user posted what amounts to an easter egg that Microsoft etched in the bowels of the console , the economic version of the Series X. Nothing less than the helmet of Master Chief, from the Halo saga, is engraved on the power supply of the console.

Lyrical Thunder posted a picture of the PSU in a forum dedicated to the Microsoft console . The screenshot comes from the official trailer “Inside Xbox Series S”.

These kinds of details on consoles it is nothing new for the community. Previously, players found the message “Hello From Seattle”On most devices , as well as Master Chief riding a scorpion in .

The case of Master Chief at the base of the Xbox Series S

About the , it remains a mystery what will be the easter egg that Microsoft has planned. You will have to pay close attention to the details of the next announcements.

The and Series S They will cost $ 499 and $ 299, respectively. The prices of both consoles vary in Latin America: 13,999 and 8,499 pesos in Mexico, and 2,499,900 and 1,499,900 pesos in Colombia. In the case of Chile, the Xbox Series X and Series S cost 529,990 and 319,990 pesos, respectively.

Xbox Series S | Differences

Microsoft released the official prices of the and Series X, so many have doubts about the technical basis for the company to collect the difference between the two machines. The good thing is that we already have official information about it.

While the price of the is less than Series X, there are elements that both consoles share. According to the technical details provided by Microsoft, both machines arrive with an octa-core processor (CPU) based on Zen 2. The difference is that in the X Series it will run at 3.8 GHz while in the S Series at 3.6 GHz .

Regarding the graphics, the leads the way with a GPU power of 12.15 Teraflops, while the it has a GPU power of just 4 Teraflops.


Listen to “DeporPlay” on Spreaker.


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