(VIDEO) Attorney Johnny Portorreal announces he will appear before the District Attorney’s Office

The NEW DIARY, SANTO DOMINGO.-. The lawyer Johnny Portorreal Reyes, who was the legal representative of the Rosario Family succession, announced this Sunday that he will appear before the National District Prosecutor’s Office, after his owner made the public accusations against him.

According to a statement from the Central del Derecho, the law firm that he directs, Portorreal Reyes made these statements through the public relations officer of this institution, Mr. Hilario De Aza.

He indicates that he was awaiting the formulation of his case, since it has not been done so far and reiterated that he was not left with the record of the “outrageous raid” carried out in his legal office, nor in his residence, from where he says, they seized all the defense documents and legal files of the more than twenty (20) lawyers who work in that firm.

He pointed out that the assault carried out in his legal office was carried out as if it were a raid on officials accused of public corruption or as if it were a drug point.

The press release says that it is the first time that the Public Ministry organizes a “casting” looking for the evidence and inviting possible complainants themselves to go to the Prosecutor’s Office to report someone, as they are the ones who promoted in a program television that invitation, giving it legal character in a public way, this being a private case.

“The only thing that this process reveals is that they want to discredit him so as not to pay the family,” says the statement from the Portorreal law firm.

The claimed assets are leased by the Dominican State, on the one hand from Barrick Gold and on the other hand by the Banco de Reservas, a state entity, so there can never be talk of fraud in this Succession, according to Portorreal.

Portorreal and the others indicated will appear before the Prosecutor’s Office, autonomously and not with surrender negotiations, because he is not a criminal, says the statement.

It should be noted that in the alleged assault on the residence of Portorreal, where a mob of civilians was seen running over the family of the legal professional, there were no Public Ministry vehicles but one unidentified and at the time of the assault a representative appeared, according to the Central of Law. This type of act is carried out against people who want to eliminate and then assure that it was in exchange of gunshots, they indicate in the press release.

He indicated that the evidence that he could present in their favor has been kidnapped and that when they raided their offices, they condemned it with a padlock, as if they were going to take the object of a contraband, taking the files of more than forty thousand (40,000) heirs.

“Our legal address that everyone knows is occupied by the military.”

Portorreal and the others indicated will appear before the Prosecutor’s Office, autonomously within the next 48 hours and not with delivery negotiations, because he is not a criminal, they affirm.

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