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Troy Baker, a single of the most significant-profile and prolific voice actors in movie games, star of The Last of Us, BioShock Infinite and Fortnite, is now marketing NFTs.

Baker, whose voice can be heard in hundreds of video games, introduced off this early morning Twitter who was partnering with VoiceverseNFT, a organization that describes by itself as providing “the world’s first VoiceNFTs”.

What is a VoiceNFT? In a wire Launched this morning in the wake of Baker’s announcement, VoiceverseNFT described its creation as a “voice AI owned by the NFT,” which you can then use to make your individual spoken articles.

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“I am partnering with @VoiceverseNFT to take a look at ways that jointly we could offer new tools to new creators to build new things and empower absolutely everyone to own and make investments in the IPs they develop,” Baker wrote.

“We all have a story to inform. You can despise. Or you can create. What will it be?”

It is unclear if Baker is truly lending his voice to be bought on the company, or if his partnership simply just extends to promoting the plan. A lot is unclear, definitely.

“Voice NFTs supply inherent utility as well as a superb group,” Voiceverse wrote, trying to clarify. “You won’t be able to appropriate-click on any of these.”

Other claims designed by VoiceNFT include a recommendation of some variety of royalty paid to the primary voice actor whose voice was later bought as an NFT and that the business was “doing work difficult” to go its NFT units to a “much a lot more respectful” natural environment “solution in the upcoming.

“Envision staying in a position to generate tailor made audiobooks, Youtube movies, e-learning lessons or even podcasts with your beloved voice!” Voiceverse ongoing. “Envision remaining ready to talk with the voice of the character you are actively playing as in a multiplayer activity! Consider the upcoming amount of immersive expertise!”

The response to Baker’s announcement and involvement was universally negative.

In addition to the regular downsides of NFTs (that so lots of are offered as snake oil and that the cryptocurrencies made use of to buy them are destroying our earth), lots of pointed out that what Baker was essentially helping to promote was automated dubbing, anything that it will guide to a lot less get the job done for the typical voice actor or dubbing artist in the long run.

Baker has still to comment due to the fact his original announcement.

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