Vicente Moreno, a specialist for Espanyol


The first piece of the puzzle is about to be placed. He Spanish you already know the kind of leader you want. The coach who must return the illusion of the hand of the requirement to a hobby that will live in Second next season. Vicente Moreno is he chosen one by Rufete and, in the absence of closing some fringes in the negotiation, in the next few hours it will be announced as new technician blue and white. An expert in promotions will arrive in Barcelona. A coach with a taste for combinative football, also struggled in the Second Division. A specialist in this type of mission. That of Espanyol will be high risk.

The club will pay for the coach (Masanasa, 1974) a part of the termination clause of one million euros that was set in his contract, which bound him to Mallorca for one more season. And he could not come alone, since in the last hours Espanyol’s intention to bring Martin Valjent, the central head of the Mallorcan team, has become strong.

With Moreno, Espanyol knows what to buy. The Valencian achieved promotions in his last two experiences on the benches. First with Nástic de Tarragona, from Second B to Second (he was third in the silver category the following season), and with Mallorca, to which he was promoted consecutively in two seasons from Second B to First. A specialist in forming teams and getting the best possible performance from them, as has been seen this season in a Mallorca with very few resources for permanence.

This is the starting gun for the reconstruction of a team that by budget, about 50 million euros, will be a clear candidate for promotion to First. It is urgent for the parakeet team to undo the coach’s option to announce the agreements with Fran Mérida, a 30-year-old midfielder who was released after not renewing with Osasuna, and Keidi Bare, a promising Málaga midfielder for whom the club would pay close to 2 million euros .

Possible exits

Rufete and his work team, as announced last Monday by the sports director, have advanced in these operations with the intention of closing them as soon as they receive the approval of the new technician.

In the departures chapter, as pointed out from Italy, Marc Roca has already begun to negotiate with Milan and Diego López, who renewed two months ago for another season with the perico club, is very close to signing with Celta de Vigo. Meanwhile, others like Wu Lei or David López, seem with the firm intention to stay and help the team in the silver category.

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