Verona, a dog trapped in an artificial canal saved by the Fire Brigade

The fire brigade had to intervene yesterday, shortly after 16, in via Binelunghe in Verona to rescue a dog who, having slipped into an artificial canal, was no longer able to climb it and was floundering in the water.

The animal, a German shepherd, had fallen into the artificial canal called “Sommacampagna” adjacent to the high-speed construction site, and was at the mercy of the water. to cling with the front legs on a concrete base while remaining with the rest of the body in the water.

Arrived on the spot, with a vehicle and 5 men, the Verona firefighters lowered themselves into the canal and, using a recovery net, managed to constrain and hoist the animal before it lost its grip and was dragged into the siphon.

Exhausted and frightened, the German shepherd was looked after by the firefighters until the arrival of the municipal police who took him over and, thanks to the chip, was able to retrieve the owner’s data.

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