Vaterstetten approves culture in the indoor pool

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Von: Sabine Hein


Sunny Howard and Ingrid Westermeier performing at Baldhamer Pool 2021. © jwg

The sound of strings instead of bathing fun: That was already the case in May last year. Soon music will be made again in the empty Baldhamer indoor swimming pool – and maybe other things will also take place.

Vaterstetten – “We are allowed to organize bathing culture four times,” jubilates Christl Mitterer (CSU), who had submitted the application to the municipal council. “The decision was unanimous,” said the councilwoman.

It is about four cultural events under the umbrella of the municipality – quasi town hall concerts at another location. One thing is certain: things will start in the Baldhamer Pool this fall.

Mitterer had to clarify a number of things before making the decision: escape routes, fall protection, fire protection. Result: everything solvable. The first concert with Sunny Howard and Ingrid Westermeier in May 2021 was a digital event. Dates for the concert evenings with audience will follow soon.

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