Vasil Bozhkov revealed how Slavi Trifonov sold his party and said when he would return

“I will return to Bulgaria as soon as the CEC announces the final results of the elections and it is understood that I am entering parliament. If I do not enter, I will continue my struggle from here,” businessman Vasil Bozhkov said in an interview with Martin Karbovski.

Regarding his collection of antiques, he said the following:

“Whether it is legal or not, robbery is robbery and misfortune will befall them sooner or later. I have bought most items from abroad and under Bulgarian law they are not subject to regulation. All are registered.”

At the end of last year however, the prosecution ruled in favor of Bozhkov’s collection.

“The found and confiscated objects with the marks of movable cultural values ​​are 6,778.” are illegally acquired and held by the accused Bozhkov “, then the spokesperson of the Chief Prosecutor Siika Mileva.

According to Bozhkov, “Slavi’s ideas are like ours, but he refused me because he sold his party. In pieces. Corporate interests can be seen.”

“I made the protest,” the fugitive in Dubai admitted, which is also evident from the legal SRSs of his conversations, in which he discussed with BSP MP Paunov how to manage the crowd on the street.


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